V en R Logistics is the Dutch agent of Freight International Group (FIG) this organisation is dedicated to partnering with sea freight professionals and consolidators. It’s a powerful and highly specialized global network comprises only the best local independent sea freight professionals and consolidators around the world.

The network will enable every member to offer fully-integrated sea freight solutions and services to customers on a regional and global basis. By solving the expertise, power and reach of the network, which will open the door to a world of new opportunities.

The Freight International Group Network

The group is proud to have reached the full operational stage in 2004 already and developed the network over the time to one of the most reliable ones around. We are a global alliance of some of the finest freight forwarders in the world extending to more than 90 countries. The FIG partners have a reputation for trust, reliability and years of expertise in their particular country/territory market place.

Benefits of FIG forwarders:

* Only one FIG partner per country

* Best value of any freight network

* Trusted FIG Partners around the Globe​

Find out what FIG Netherlands can do you for you

Freight International Group is a dynamic and dedicated organization specializing sea freight, FCL and LCL, air freight and road transportation with sufficient global network coverage.

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